Speciality Areas

TESS specializes in providing consulting services in the following areas:

  • transport planning;
  • the design of transport contracts and transport networks;
  • operational and financial analysis of transport networks and services;
  • implementation of automatic fare collection systems;
  • the administration, supervision and monitoring of bus passenger contracts;
  • transport planning for urban and rural areas;
  • vehicle and crew scheduling;
  • the formulation of transport policy and strategies;
  • feasibility analysis of transport operations;
  • training of transport operators in tendering, management and operations;
  • management and business support to small public and freight transport operators;
  • general advice to local and provincial authorities at various levels; and
  • project management.

Due to its hands-on experience staff of TESS is involved in the presentation of lectures to students from certificate to masters degree levels.

The TESS employees comes from a variety of backgrounds ranging from being employed by bus companies, consultants and government departments where they were involved in most of the specialities mentioned above.